Thursday 9 January 2014

Thoughts And Hearts

I'm still away from the computer.  Missing me?  Doubt it, this is more posting than I did in all of December!


Here's another one from the vaults, due to the lack of stitching happening in my area.  This was another shop design, and we kitted it up with the blue fabric you can see.


This flew out of the shop, and the kit was promptly retired, along with the pattern - because if you didn't have the panel that the fabric came from, you were out of luck.  Nothing else worked.


Of course kits like this went really well - it's as though people knew they were a limited edition and wanted their own.  We could have sold twice as many as we did.


A little bit of applique, a little bit of stitching.  A little bit of a message and people loved it.  It does help that the message here was a very sweet one.


It took no time at all to stitch up - I used the most divine Osnaberg (do you know what that is?) as the background and it worked very well.


It's another in the cupboard.  I don't have the wall space to hang everything up.  I think perhaps I need one space in the house that I need to hang a quilt and then change it as the mood takes me.



See you soon, lovely readers!


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