Monday 27 October 2014

more monsters…

So I’ve been trying to finish all the UFO’s in the cupboard (there is no hope – there are just too many) and finishing my monsters is high on the list.

You may remember the original monster quilt (see it here if you want to refresh).  When I stitched it, I just blindly appliqued lots of very cute monsters just because I liked them.  I gave no thought to actual maths, or how they would work in a quilt.  Consequently, I had lots of blocks left over that wouldn’t fit in the original – the maths just wouldn’t go.

So, to use the all up, I made another monster quilt.


IMG_5588Half of these were already stitched, I also needed to make a few more.  Happily, there are millions of little monsters all over the internet, or in colouring in books.  The tricky part was not actually finding the designs, it was deciding when to stop.  But stop I did, and I made this quilt over the last few months.

















I do think that last one is my favourite.






So all in all, I think my two monster quilts have worked rather well.  I’m not sure anyone needs two monster quilts in their stash, so I’ll most likely give one away.  But for a little while, I will keep them here at home.

The only downside is that I STILL have all these blocks leftover that didn’t fit.




I’ve decided that I will not make another monster quilt (I’m almost totally sick of the monsters….).  I think I will use some of these guys on the back of the quilt, and I’m going to make some library bags or something as gifts.  And then me and the monsters – we will be done!


Friday 24 October 2014

Bad Bad Blogger!

Bad, bad, blogger.  

No excuses for the lack of posts, except to say that I have been extraordinarily busy, and sadly - this poor little blog has borne the brunt of it.  

Such a busy time of year!  School holidays!  Rose Week!  Local Shows!  So much happens this time of year, and it's only today that I've managed to catch my breath.

But I have pictures!

You may recall that last year our quilting group held its local quilt show in our Rose Week Festival.  It's a bi-annual show, so it wasn't on this year, but our group decided to hold a mini show out at our rooms.  

Somehow it went from being a few quilts and open on the weekend to quite a few quilts and open lots of days.  We are an evening group, which means lots of our ladies work during the day, so being open during the days poses a problem with volunteers.  Which means I spent a LOT of time there.

I took some photos -hope you enjoy them.

It's been hot, hot, hot here which meant all the roses in town bloomed spectacularly.  And that made our 20th Rose Week a real success.  One day I will do the gardens and take lots of lovely photos to share with you.  Perhaps next year.

In other news - yes, I will probably do Bonnie's latest mystery quilt because I have nothing else started (cough).  Are you doing it?  Are you sticking to her colours or trying something different?  Let me know!

Happy Quilting


Monday 6 October 2014

Annual show

Life, as typical in school holidays, hasn't given me much time to spend in the sewing room.  But we did take our family to the local show in the next town.  I always love to see how other countries do their local show/fair, so I thought I'd share some photos with you.

These are only from inside the show hall.  I didn't take photos of the rides, or the food stalls - perhaps next year.

Our shows in Australia are struggling, as the towns struggle.  Lack of volunteers is always a big thing, and as cities get closer by car, the smaller towns seem to lose people each weekend to various sporting and social events.  Let's face it, we are all busier now.

Our town's show has closed now.  There weren't enough volunteers to help run it, and there weren't that many people who visited.  But as one door opens, another closes, or so the saying goes.  And the town's show next to us seems to be thriving. 

The displays/competitions are split much the same as other countries.  There are floral exhibits, cooking exhibits, craft exhibits.  I didn't take photos of the food or produce section, but I hope you're happy with the following.

Loved this idea.  So simple!  We are about to celebrate our Rose Week so we may use this somewhere around the place.

So many lovely floral displays.

And then bizarrely, in a small, small town - they had enough bonsai enthusiasts to warrant a whole section!

I adore, adore bonsai.  I wish I was a gardener, I really do.  I bought a bonsai plant once but it died.  Of course it did, I can't garden for nuts.

This one above was an olive tree.  An Olive Tree.  Just amazing.

And then, we have orchids.  Oh My God were there orchids.  I think there is a fairly large orchid society around here, and their display was amazing.  Ah. May. Zing.

And cakes.  How lovely is this rose one?

And here is a quilt, that one first prize.  It's a very nice quilt, made even nicer because my Mum quilted it for the owner!  I rang her and told her she'd won first prize with a quilt she didn't even enter.  It was deserving of first prize, the lady who made it did a stellar job.

And even in small old country SA, there was a Bonnie Quilt.

Divinely made cross stitch picture.  This is a famous piece of Australian Art work called Pioneer by one of our major artists, Frederick McCubbin.  Beautifully painted picture, beautifully stitched cross stitch.

And there you have it.  Just a little country show but it was lovely.  An afternoon well spent.

Hope your weekend has been a quilty one.