Tuesday 7 January 2014

Pastel Starry Quilt

I'm still away from a computer at the moment, so I hope you don't mind some more show and tell.  Hopefully when I get back online I'll have many photos of outdoorsy type stuff to show off to you.  In the meantime, please enjoy my daughter's wall quilt.  I'm sure you've probably seen it before, and I apologise for that.


I went through a real pastel phase (truth be told I'm not really out of it) when I had two girls.  I had a big box of pastel fabrics and I'm sad to say, it's almost empty now.  I should be pleased that it's all gone, that I've managed to at least clear one box from my sewing room but I do miss their happy colours.


This was one of those 'meant to be another quilt which didn't work and so it morphed into this quilt' designs. Not at all difficult really.  My points even match up well which is amazing.


When I was going to do the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, I brought the rulers she recommends, and I think that I'll be making my flying geese the way she recommends from now on.  I've been making my flying geese and half square triangles the same way for twenty years, but I think her way will work much better for me.  Fingers crossed.


This is another quilt my lovely mother quilted for me.  Love the little wreath circles she's put in each star centre.  I think this was one of the earlier ones she did with her new long arm.  Lucky me having my own quilter.


That pink check above is my all time favourite pastel fabric in the history of pastel fabrics.  I've used every last tiny bit of it.  It worked with everything I needed it too.


This quilt gives me a happy vibe when I walk into my daughter's room.  I must get making a quilt for her bed.  But that would mean buying new fabric.  Oh no!


Still - one must do what one must.


Love this little half wreath here.  Mum's thing is wreaths.



Oh errant piece of black fluff.  I wish I had seen you before I took these photos!

Till tomorrow,


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