Sunday 5 January 2014

Cross Stitched Baby Blanket

A precious one to show you from the vaults.


My babies took a long time to arrive, which a lot of assistance.  I never wanted to make things for ‘the baby’ in case there was ‘no baby’.  That was a thought I didn’t want to go near.

So when the day arrived when I was finally expecting, I found it such a joy to create things for my new arrival.

This is not something I created however, this is something my mum made for me.  It was a pre-printed cot panel – you’ve seen them, great big crosses that you stitch over.  She stitched it for my first little one, lined it with a soft knit fabric (didn’t take a photo of that) and told me to ‘use it’. 


I used it alright.  I used it and used it and used it.  I washed it and washed it and washed it and the stitching stayed where it was supposed to and it never lost its shape.


Whenever I make a quilt for a new baby I tell the mother ‘Use it!!’.  When she says ‘But what if I wear it out?’ I tell her I’ll make her another one.  These quilts are made for using and nothing gives me more pleasure than to see something I have made be used by people. 


I have so many half started baby projects – now my babies are babies no longer, I must get them finished and move them on to a new mother who will appreciate them.



This one though is tucked away safely.  I’ll bring it out one day when my babies are having their babies, and they can have something special to use – the blanket that they were once wrapped in.

Till tomorrow,



  1. Que maravilla, y que dulce, nos ha encantado. Felicita a tu madre por ese trabajo.
    Un beso guapa.

  2. :) you are so sweet, Carmen. Thankyou.