Monday 22 June 2020

Show and tell - Rainbow socks!

Hi lovely readers.

I'm feeling quite irritable today, so I looked through my draft posts to show you something cheery, to remind myself that I shouldn't be irritable.

No great dramas here really, a few sad behind the scenes things are happening (always there are sad behind the scenes things, but this is my happy place hopefully).

Its cold and drizzly, and South Australia is 'back', so that means all the demands on my time are back.  Which is all fine, but makes me grumpy sometimes.  

If the covid virus has shown me one thing, it's shown me that I really would love to be a hermit, and only do things that I want to do, when I want to do them.

However that's not how life works, and so I'm back to the grindstone again.  It is what it is, I guess.

So here's my rainbow socks!

The yarn is quite scratchy, and I haven't worn them yet for that reason.  I need to buy some woolmix and try to soften them, and hopefully that will sort the problem.  Other than that I don't know what to do to make them not itchy.  I'll have to google it.

How are things with you?  Are you grumpy like me?  Perhaps it's just the weather.

I'll be back in better humour another day, with luck!

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Using up scraps

Hello lovely readers.

I'm still struggling with this new interface, though I'm sure it must have its benefits, otherwise why bother?

It's a cold, foggy day today and it's just the day to snuggle under a lovely crochet blanket and watch television.  However, that's not how I'll be spending my day, sadly.  Lots of jobs to do.  Always jobs to do.

I had a bag of small pieces of yard, all a chunky ply that didn't play well with other plies.  Couldn't quite bring myself to chuck it out so I crocheted up a hodgepodged hat that I'll donate.  Hopefully someone will get some use from it.

Looks okay, really.  As with all my caps, it looks hideous on me but there you go.

Happy crafting, lovely readers!

Monday 15 June 2020

What's new? Oh, another new project

You would think that I would be able to stop starting new projects, but no.  Not to be.

I brought some lovely pastel fabrics online the other day, and when they arrived I realised they were horribly cheap.  What to do with them?

I decided to use an oldie but a goodie pattern, that I've always loved.  And I'm pleased with how the fabrics look together.

Such pretty colours, don't you think?

I'm using the new blogger interface and I Don't Like It.  So there.  They tinker with things that really aren't broken to begin with.  Why do that?

It's a glorious day outside today, and I need to do some work in the garden, so I'll say hello and goodbye for now.

Happy quilting!

Wednesday 10 June 2020

Oh hi there...

How easy it is to just stop doing something.

I had grand visions of writing every day, which worked well while we were on isolation, but now with things relatively (I say that so very hesitantly) back to normal in my world I keep forgetting.

I don't know where my hours go, I really don't.  What I do know is that some days I don't even turn the lap top on, and that is really rather freeing.

So here in South Australia, we are slowly but surely continuing to let more things happen.  The girls have been back at school since term two started, which is almost a month now I think.  There were letters coming home saying 'We support you if you want to keep your children home' but the tone has changed now, and all South Australian children, unless showing signs of illness, are now expected back each day. 

My husband is back at his job, and mostly I am home alone.  Which I don't mind really if I'm honest.  All I seemed to do was cook and wash clothes - and as we weren't going ANYWHERE I don't know where they were wearing all these clothes?

I've been sewing small amounts of my day, and I'll post them more often as I try and get back to my daily blogging challenge.  But for now, I thought you might like to see where my grandmother went to school, ninety years ago.  We live in a dryland farming area, and there were little schools dotted everywhere throughout the region.  This was one of them.

It's fallen down completely now, which is understandable and a bit sad, but to be honest it's a lot more upright than some of these other schools where there is only a plaque commemorating the site.  As we were picking our way through the area, which is filled with broken cars and a whole lot of junk I didn't photograph, some ancient old lady from who knows where bailed my husband up, telling him we were trespassing.  There is literally nothing there for miles apart from the old school site and a church up the road and she scared us by appearing by what seemed out of nowhere.  She was very cross, but he did his usual old lady charmer thing (he's very good at that) and by the end of the conversation she was a font of knowledge.  Turns out she lives in the church, and this was her land.  So we exited gracefully.  

Here in country SA there are many little sites like this, where the church and the schoolhouse were built relatively close together.  A lot of the churches have become places to renovate and live in - I'm fairly sure she was well past renovating the church, but one day I suspect someone will do it up.  

But the school is past repair, I think.

That's my history lesson for you today.  If I could spend all my days researching history I would be.  When I'm not sewing, of course.

Talk to you soon!