Thursday 2 January 2014


I’ve made some shocking quilts over the twenty years I’ve been quiltmaking, but sometimes I make a really, really, really pretty one.  This one just worked, from start to finish.
I’ve long since forgotten the designer, but I do recall it was from an American quilt magazine.  The fabric was a range of Thimbleberries fabrics from many years ago.
Sometimes, when you are making a quilt, you just know it’s working.  This was one of those quilts.  I loved the colours then, and they still call to me now.
It was quilted by my mother, not on her fancy schmancy long arm machine, but on a cheapie knock-off which was not more than a glorified sewing machine.  And I think she did a stellar job. 
It was made, to the best of my knowledge, pre 2000.  I was prolific then.  I had no kids, and my only hobbies were stitching and quilting.  They still remain my hobbies, but my time is much less my own now (not that I’m complaining – I love every second of my loud, busy life.)
It’s been quilted and bound, and put away for years and years.  I have to label it now, and then it can go back into the cupboard for a few more years.  Many of my quilts have no emotional attachment, but I do love this one.  So it will stay with me for a while yet.

I’ve never loved the Thimbleberries ranges.  I feel she goes too browny/green/orange rather than the colours that call to me – this powder pink and grey really lift it.
Anyway.  Another one from the vaults. 
Till tomorrow,


  1. Es un trabajo estupendo. El acolchado una maravilla y los colores preciosos, felicidades.
    Un beso.

  2. Thank you :). Must get it out and use it.

  3. Love it ... I loved the fabrics, but they usually needed a bit of a list.