Tuesday 14 January 2014

No Hair Silly Goose

This is me.

(not really me but you know what I mean)

I brought myself a Christmas present over the holidays - a brand new lap top just for me.  Not for anyone else, no one else's sticky fingers are going to go near it.  

I had fabulous visions of it being my blog laptop.  Currently I have a home email, a work email, a blog email - and it makes life hard.  I wanted to streamline my life.  I thought I'd be so clever and confine all my blog stuff to the one laptop, it would all work so seamlessly and I'd be a computer genius.

Well, that's all fine in theory but now Google (ohhhh I loathe Google with its tentacles that stretch into everything - picasa anyone?) has decided that the password I have used for my sillygoosequilts@hotmail.com account is no longer valid.  I've not changed it, I've done nothing wrong except to try and set up my new laptop to receive my emails there.  But it's spat the dummy at me and I swear, if it didn't cost me money, I'd be chucking that new laptop into the swimming pool.

So - now I can't sign in with my email to the new laptop or the old laptop.  I can't log into blogger on the old laptop, the old laptop has decided my flickr account login (same as the hotmail.com login) won't work - and I'm ready to just pull the plug on the whole stoopid thing.

And don't get me started on Windows 8.  I couldn't even get past the first screen.  Where's the start button?  Where's the control panel?  Why do these companies change things simply for change's sake?

So, if you see a lone laptop floating down the river nearby, or find a crazy woman who's got no hair left - you were warned!

I'm just going to go quilting now.  At least my lovely Pfaff doesn't let me down.

Till tomorrow,


p/s I've worked out how to navigate Windows 8 (mostly) now - all of it just taking up valuable quilting time.


  1. Isn't it frustrating when things like this happen!! Hotmail is owned by Microsoft and has no affiliations with Google. Google owns gmail, and if it is a gmail account you have then it will be sillygoosequilts@gmail.com not at hotmail.com.

    Flickr is owned by Yahoo which is a totally different company again, and as far as I know flickr uses the same password as a yahoo account, but not a hotmail or gmail account.

    Hopefully that might help a bit, if not let me know :)

  2. Thanks for that, Sooze. I think I follow :)

    It'll all work out in the end I guess, but why does it all have to be so hard!

    I said to my hubby that I had this computer stuff, chores like setting up a new tv or a new laptop or the like down pat till a few years ago and now I've lost it totally. I have to pay someone to set up a new tv/video/cable set up these days.

    Thanks again for posting,


  3. DISCIPLINE is an appropriate word for this post. Looks like you would prefer to apply some good old fashioned discipline to those entities that be! I feel your pain!

    Thanks for linking up to the Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts this week!

  4. I got a new laptop with windows 8...DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!! I too have recovered but whew...it was a shift in thinking! GLad to know I'm in good company with the change! :)

  5. Oh my I can totally understand your frustration. I was thinking of getting a new laptop. Perhaps I will reconsider.

  6. My son likes to say "keep up with the times or get left behind" although I do try to keep up not being tech savvy sure makes it hard! Hope your figure it out soon.

  7. I have a windows 8 based phone and am not thrilled with it, though it is fairly simple. My husband just helped his parents set up a new laptop, and he downloaded the windows 8.1 patch--it helped a lot! Hope you're able to get things working smoothly soon!

  8. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments.

    I said to my husband - there was a day not long ago when I knew this stuff.

    Suddenly I seem to be 'old', my daughters know more than me about technology.

    Still, I know the best way to get to know it is to use it - when the girls go back to school and I have some concentration time, I'll be back into it.

    Thanks again for the comments.


  9. Oh, I ABSOLUTELY know what you mean about Windows 8! I just bought a new desktop in November, and nearly broke down sobbing because nothing was intuitive anymore. I'm sure Windows 8 was designed with touch-pad screens in mind, like on a tablet, not with ordinary laptops or desktops in mind. Maybe it works better for folks who are already quite familiar with that kind of smart phone. I don't have one, so for me this was all just a nasty adjustment. In the end I got a friend to install a program that changed the appearance back quite similar to my old Windows Vista used to look. Now I'm comfortable again.

    1. Hi Virginia,

      I totally agree - it was designed for a touch pad thingie. I don't like it at all.

      My brother fancies himself as a computer expert and he's told me how to fix it, now I just need the time to do it.

      Thanks so much for your reply