Saturday, 21 July 2018

Ayres House–the Age Of Elegance

Ready for some more travels around Adelaide?

Part of our trip involved visiting Ayres House, which you can read about here.

Long story short, it’s one of the oldest remaining houses in Adelaide, and it’s in prime position on North Terrace.  It’s been meticulously restored and now is a museum/wedding venue. 

They had a display on called ‘The Age Of Elegance’, lots of amazing Edwardian/Victorian clothing to see.  The girls and I thought it was fabulous, the husband tagged along without complaint, though I’m sure he had better places to be!

Enjoy the photos!

Photo 17-7-18, 11 49 23 am

When visiting these amazing places, it’s important to always look up!  This is the ceiling.  There is definitely a quilt of some description there to be made.  I spend so much time looking at the ceiling.

Photo 17-7-18, 11 49 29 am

I know these ladies wore corsets but even so – these waists are tiny.

Photo 17-7-18, 11 49 36 am

I seriously don’t know how they managed to fit themselves into these dresses, and I must tell you I’ll a little jealous.

Photo 17-7-18, 11 50 02 am

This is the ten year old next to a model who seems tiny – I asked if they were children’s dresses and was told no, they just were smaller then.  Amazing really.

Photo 17-7-18, 11 50 19 am

Look up look up look up

Photo 17-7-18, 11 52 42 am

Just so lovely, don’t you think?  I wish we spent time on the ‘pretty’ now like they did then.

Photo 17-7-18, 11 55 25 am

Both my girls asked (dead seriously) ‘What was wrong with her butt?’!

Photo 17-7-18, 11 56 19 am

The Victorian Wedding Dress.  Again, she’s small and there’s not too much in the way of frilliness for a wedding dress.

Photo 17-7-18, 11 56 54 am

This one was my favourite dress in my favourite room – the Tea Room.  All the following ones are so pretty, don’t you think?

Photo 17-7-18, 11 57 04 am

Photo 17-7-18, 11 57 12 am

Photo 17-7-18, 11 57 19 am

Photo 17-7-18, 11 57 46 am

Photo 17-7-18, 11 57 59 am

The ceiling in the Tea Room.  So delicate and pretty.

Photo 17-7-18, 11 58 46 am

Photo 17-7-18, 11 59 32 am

My husband’s family legend states that a relative (Great something grandfather) was the carpenter who built the staircase.  If so, he did a remarkable job!

Photo 17-7-18, 11 59 58 am

Photo 17-7-18, 12 00 34 pm

Embroidered screen, my photos really didn’t do it justice.


I stole this photo from their website, showing how it’s set up for a wedding.  I went to a wedding once but it wasn’t in this room.   I expect this room would be the expensive room to hire.


One last look at the amazing ceiling.  Watch this space for a quilt.  (who am I kidding?)

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Adelaide trip–some architectural shots

I posted yesterday about our trip away to the city for a couple of days.  It was bitterly cold, and raining.  Just typical really, it hasn’t rained for so long, it chooses to rain when I’m out in the elements AND didn’t make it up to our way at all.  So lots of city buildings got wet and the rest of us suffered!

But I did get to wander around a little bit of what I’ve found is called the North West corner of Adelaide CBD.

If you know Adelaide, you’ll be aware that the inner square has four roads (called North Terrace, East Terrace, South Terrace and West Terrace – original, yes?) and that inner square is divided up into a criss cross of smaller roads, back lanes, street art, little nooks and crannies and it’s great fun to walk around.  Which is exactly what we did. 

Photo 16-7-18, 4 01 34 pm

This is Beehive Corner, home of Haigh’s chocolates.  It’s famous.  It stands on the corner of Rundle Mall, which is (obviously) the main mall. 

Photo 16-7-18, 5 27 12 pm

I don’t get to Adelaide much at the moment and I noticed a real upswing in how much streetart there was.  And good stuff, not graffiti

Photo 16-7-18, 5 27 15 pm

Photo 16-7-18, 7 05 03 pm

Photo 16-7-18, 7 05 11 pm

This was just in a dead end alley.  I love it when people do their art for art’s sake, not because it needs a function.

Photo 16-7-18, 7 17 05 pm

Earliest church in Adelaide, perhaps even South Australia.  Smacked right in the middle of prime real estate.  Heritage listed so they can’t pull it down, which I think is great as Adelaide seems to be in the middle of building big fat ugly buildings everywhere.

Photo 16-7-18, 7 17 57 pm

A few sets of relatives have been married in this church, I think.  I’m not sure if this is the original building or not, I should do my research, shouldn’t I?

Photo 16-7-18, 7 22 39 pm

The doorway to the Playford Hotel in North Terrace.  Gorgeous Art Deco sculpture thingie at the entranceway.  So pretty.  The Playford name is a big one in South Australia.

Photo 17-7-18, 10 28 26 am

And here we are at my favourite place in Adelaide, found completely by accident on a previous trip.  The Ah. Maz. Ing Mortlock Library.  I’ll just show you some photos.

Photo 17-7-18, 10 38 03 am

Photo 17-7-18, 10 38 39 am

Photo 17-7-18, 10 39 19 am

Photo 17-7-18, 10 39 57 am

Photo 17-7-18, 10 40 06 am

Photo 17-7-18, 10 45 27 am

Photo 17-7-18, 10 45 33 am

Favourite place in Adelaide, hands down. 

Photo 17-7-18, 11 18 52 am

While having a coffee in the library kiosk waiting for the rain to stop, we found this building – I’m not sure what it is but it doesn’t get foot traffic much as it is a the back of everything, but it was so lovely I had to take a photo.  I think it’s used for storage now, but so pretty.

Photo 17-7-18, 11 37 01 am

How dreadful, I’ve forgotten what this building was.  Along North Terrace there is the museum, the art gallery, building after building of the University, the Library – so many glorious buildings.  And then one dirty great big steel thing, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital which – well, let’s just say I’m not really a fan.  But it’s a statement building at least, so it has got that going for it.

Photo 17-7-18, 11 37 05 am

Okay so I’ve done my research and it’s a part of the University buildings – the statue above is outside and is of Sir Walter Watson Hughes, an early benefactor of the Uni.  He must have been something pretty special to have warranted such a statue.

Photo 17-7-18, 11 40 48 am

The final building today is the Freemason’s.  It’s MASSIVE.  I wonder of the history inside.  I did see that they gave tours, but our time was so limited.  I’ve found so many wonderful tours on offer if you are in the right place at the right time, I just need to be able to be there then.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my trip down North Terrace, I’ll hopefully sew tomorrow and have more to show you.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

My Little Trip

It’s late here on Wednesday and we’ve just got back from a short few days in Adelaide – the girls (or at least the eldest) *needed* to go shopping, and so we took the opportunity.  I won’t post too much tonight but I thought I’d show you a couple of snaps I took to show you my beautiful city:

Photo 16-7-18, 4 01 34 pm

Photo 16-7-18, 7 17 05 pm

Photo 16-7-18, 7 22 39 pm

More tomorrow, just a quick post tonight.  Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

More monsters

Amazing how quickly my little men (and women) get stitched.
Photo 26-6-18, 1 54 44 pm
I’ve not spent too much time on them and yet they are getting done.  It only takes maybe half an hour or so to do one monster.  Probably not even that.
Photo 26-6-18, 1 54 49 pm
They look so cute together.  You would think I would be bored of them but I’m not, not even a little.
Photo 26-6-18, 1 55 02 pm
Photo 26-6-18, 1 55 14 pm
Photo 26-6-18, 1 55 27 pm
Some work better than others.  Some fabrics work better than others.
Photo 26-6-18, 1 55 31 pm
One of these days when I have time I’ll do a post on all the different ones I have done over the years.  Some I have duplicated, but they all take on their own personalities, I find.
Have a great day, won’t you?

Monday, 16 July 2018

Sunday Driving

I was telling my husband on the way for our Sunday drive that I would have pulled my hair out from the roots with frustration if I was made to do this when I was younger.  Now a Sunday drive is something I want to do, and I wonder if it’s because I am officially Old. 
Here on the river, we use a number of locks that regulate the flow of the water.  Our poor old river system is managed (some would say mismanaged) to within an inch of its life, and seemingly every litre is spoken for.  The river is meant to flood and dry through its seasons, but this would spell disaster for those growers dependent on it, so they put the locks in so that this would never happen.  Whole different story as to whether this is bad or good, and I won’t go down that particular rabbit hole today.
From time to time (very rarely) they drain the locks for maintenance, and we have a friend who is a manager for the company that runs them, who invited us for a special look. 
Photo 15-7-18, 11 22 15 am
Here we are in the bottom of the lock.  That big red wall is the only thing holding back massive amounts of water.  I must confess to having a minor panic attack there, but I soon got over it (kinda).  The top grey line on the right wall that runs almost parallel to the red wall is the water line on that side of the river.
Photo 15-7-18, 11 30 35 am
The bottom of the grey block, the line about mid line through the cement block is the river level on the other side of the lock.  They literally hold back all the water on the one side so that the other side is lower.
Photo 15-7-18, 11 33 22 am

Photo 15-7-18, 11 55 02 am
Photo 15-7-18, 11 57 27 am
Photo 15-7-18, 11 59 42 am
Photo 15-7-18, 11 59 56 am
Photo 15-7-18, 12 00 05 pm
Photo 15-7-18, 12 08 35 pm
Photo 15-7-18, 12 08 39 pm
It really is an amazing feat of engineering, I must tell you.  Despite whether you feel locks have a place in the river or not, the amount of work to get them in there is huge. 
There was abundant wildlife, and they are trying hard to make them a nicer place to visit, with seating areas, public toilets and even some artwork.
We went out after our visit and had lunch at a very old pub here in SA – The Overland Corner Hotel.  It was built as a halfway horse change destination when the coach was the only method of transport (apart from the riverboats, of course).  It’s said to be haunted.
Photo 15-7-18, 1 30 56 pm
Photo 15-7-18, 1 31 45 pm
My photos don’t do it justice, there’s lots of peripheral modern day stuff there that got in the way, but I encourage you to check out their website.  It lies on or near to Cobdogla Station, another historical place that my great grandfather worked on back in the day.  At least we think he did.
And that was my lovely Sunday.  I now need to pull my act into gear and get my chores done, because the week starts again tomorrow!