Friday 30 July 2021

An update - such as it is

Hi lovely readers, if there are any left out there.

Don't you hate it when bloggers disappear off the planet with no reason?

I'm apparently one of those bloggers now.

I'll be back one day, I hope.  But for now, with all that this 2020/2021 is throwing at us, the blog has been just a little too hard.  It's hard to keep up a quilting blog when there is no quilting happening.

I hope next year will be easier on all of us, and I will feel refreshed and renewed enough to keep writing and sewing.  

Happy quilting!

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Mystery quilt - week two and I'm already behind...


The instructions for the next instalment of the Scraptitude quilt are out already, and I've only just finished cutting the units out.  What a surprise that I'm behind before I've even started!

Monday 18 January 2021

Glorious Day, Glorious River....

I've been away this weekend to a wedding (finally!  It was cancelled/postponed/moved due to Covid!!  But it's been!) and so wasn't able to sew anything.  I did get a lot done on my sock knitting, but that's quite boring to show you until they are done.  So why don't you look at some lovely river photos I took when last out.

 I get to see this everyday.  I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Oh guess what, another hat.....

This hat, though a bit blah to look at, is incredibly comfortable and warm and if it ever gets cold enough (I write this on a very hot day) I might keep to wear myself.

I look hideous in a hat though.  

Sunday 17 January 2021

Scrappy Hat - another finish

Hope you're not hating all my hat pictures, but I had a load of them in the draft folder and I think some of them are quite okay.

Whilst this one is not the prettiest hat I've ever made, it marks a bit of an achievement for me - it's the first time I've done what I consider a more 'complicated' pattern.  I had to crochet through the back of loops and all sorts of fancy things, and I think it worked!

I also used up a particular bag of yarn which was filled with bits too small for anything else, so that was great too!

Hope you're having a good enough day today.  Onwards and upwards, I guess!

Saturday 16 January 2021

I have another hat to show you that I finished during Covid lockdown.  I shoudn't call it that, we really didn't have lockdown like you did else where.  A slowdown, is perhaps a better term.

It's rather too small for the lovely head form I have.  I really should give her a name.

But, I like it enough to donate to someone else.  And guess what??  It didn't even make a dent in the wool stash.

Friday 15 January 2021

Cabled Hat Finish

I wasn't resting on my laurels last year whilst in covid lockdown.  Whilst I didn't show much on here, I was knitting like a mad woman, amongst other things.

I had some very chunky wool that I picked up from somewhere, and with the help of the Ravelry website, found a pattern that would work for it.

I was actually very pleased with it, but I could no longer tell you which pattern in was.  That's my usual style, when I find something I like, I forgot to write it down and it's never to be found again.

Thursday 14 January 2021

Mystery Quilt - the cutting out

Or some of the cutting out.  I'm drastically running out of time today, this is all I could do.

It's going to be very very very bright, I think.

Things are good here, lovely and warm, halfway through the school holidays.  Time marches on so quickly, doesn't it?

Wednesday 13 January 2021

bear quilt group

Hi lovely readers,

I've not had time to stitch or take photos today, so I've found a draft of a quilt that I've not shown you yet, and I've been meaning to.

As part of our group's Covid challenges, we couldn't meet in real life for a while.  So we decided that a pattern would be provided on our facebook page, and those of us who wanted to could make a block to bring along when we were next attending our real life group.  And those blocks could be made into a quilt for a charity.

One of our clever ladies decided on this Pam Bono block, and it was a real challenge, let me tell you.

But most of us persevered, and we managed okay, and the end result is an amazing quilt that we will give to someone who needs it.
How's your sewing going?

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Mystery Quilts

I always get sucked in to do the Quiltville mystery quilt, buy the fabric, get all excited, and then completely have no time at all to do it when it's that close to the Christmas season.  I totally understand why she posts it then, but realistically I just can't fit it in my life.

I always buy the stupid fabric too and then end up feeling cross with myself, because why would I buy it when I know I'll have no time to do it?

So when From My Carolina Home announced she was doing a mystery quilt, I decided to use up the fabrics I brought for Grassy Creek and use them in this one.  And as this one has just started, I should be able to manage the steps.

I cut out half of the cutting requirements today:

It doesn't look like much right now, the black never looks good all by itself.  But we'll see what it looks like tomorrow when I cut out the other half.