Monday 6 January 2014

Christmas Sampler

I’m currently away from my computer and with any luck, my New Year’s Resolution to be more computer savvy is working – I have scheduled these posts to work when I’m not near the laptop.  I have my fingers crossed.

Are we sick of the show and tell yet?  Here’s another Christmassy one that hasn’t seen the light of day for a long, long time.


It was always a struggle when we were in the shop to come up with new and interesting designs to sell.  At the time we owned the shop, small applique projects were very much the ‘in thing’.  It’s all changed now, of course.  But this was one of our Christmas designs, made predominantly with Debbie Mumme fabrics.
Is Debbie Mumme still fashionable?  I haven’t heard her name mentioned in a long time.


I made a couple of these designs, they went okay.  Nothing earth shattering.  It was the designs with the little whimsical sayings on them that went gangbusters.


Stars and hearts always ended up in my designs back then.  All part of the whole ‘Country’ theme, I guess.









Are you the sort of person who has a houseful of Christmas things?  I would like to be, but I seem to manage the tree and some lights out front, and that is all. I’ve never been able to throw things together like they came from a house and home magazine.  I’ve other family relations that do it quickly and easily – my talents do not lie in that area, that’s for sure.

As far as trees go, we have a new kitten this year who totally annihilated our tree and all the decorations on it.  The joys of new babies, feline or otherwise.  I’ve some photos, maybe I’ll post them another time.

Till tomorrow,