Friday 10 January 2014

More Christmas!!

 I didn't realise until I started posting my quilts here just how many Christmas items I really have!  This is years and years old, and truth be told it's a little embarrassing at how simple it is.  I seem to aim for much more complicated quilts now (Dear Jane, anyone??) which may or may not be a good thing, I have yet to work that out. 


This was a Debbie Mumme panel and fabrics, stitched together into a simple nine patch, appliqued on a bit, stitched on a bit and it's done.


As I said, not something I would make these days.  But we all start somewhere, don't we?





Debbie Mumme featured a lot in my early quilting career.  I do love her rich choice of colours, but the panels now are a little passe, I think.



I should be at the computer tomorrow with loads of new photos to show you, and hopefully a little bit of stitching to share.  It's been so long since I stitched anything, and I really am feeling itchy fingers at the lack of it.  

A day without stitching is a restless day, I find.  I like to finish the day off with half an hour or so of quiet, reflective craftwork, whatever form it takes.  

I do miss it at the moment.

Till tomorrow,


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