Sunday 30 June 2013

Monster Mash

Would you like to see some more monsters?

monster six

and again

monster seven

and more

monster eight

He’s a cutie.  Ignore the loose threads.

monster nine

Studious little one, this one.

monster ten

So there we go.  Another five.  I’m very fond of all of them, some of them remind me of Muppets.

I’m thinking of just cutting a whole lot of 3.5” squares and trimming my blocks back to fit.  It’s a style of quilt I’ve made before and it works very well.  It really uncomplicates the actual quilt design and lets the applique show a lot more.  Plus it is quick.

We’ll see. 


Saturday 29 June 2013

Little Monsters

monster one


monster two

How are you?

monster three

These are a bit cute, aren’t they?

monster five

A few years ago I had a hankering to make some monsters from a bunch of brights I had in the cupboard.  I vliesofixed them all on in a fit of fury and then promptly stuck them in the UFO pile until I had some time (hah!).

monster four

I fused twenty blocks in all.  My very lovely mother, who had nothing to do (!!) has blanket stitched the whole lot for me.  Aren’t I lucky!

Now I get to work out the maths and make them into a quilt.  All are different sizes.  It should be an interesting challenge.

I’ll show you more tomorrow.  Not much sense clogging up your newsreaders!

Till then,


Tuesday 25 June 2013

Log Cabin Update

So a few days ago I was pondering whether I should make six inch log cabins or four inch ones.  I made one of each so that I could see.

This is the six inch next to the four inch.


Now I know that if I make a six inch block, I’ll need less than if I made a four inch block.  But after making the four inch one, there really was no competition.


I can make six or seven in an hour.  It really takes no more time to do that than it does to do one.

The problem is stopping!  They are highly addictive. 

I haven’t made a log cabin in years.  I’m loving it.

Happy quilting!


Monday 24 June 2013

Long Time No Quilt

Hi lovely readers.

To say the last few weeks have been a bit crappy would be an understatement.  Trying to guide two little people through a grief that they really don’t understand, but feel is pretty jolly hard.  Added to that my own feelings – and it’s been a fairly hard time to get through.

But get through it we do. 

The quilting, much as the whole lifestyle, has been pretty haphazard.  I’m working a bit on one thing, then moving to another.  Blaming it on grief is too easy – it’s the way I’ve always been!  But I have some photos to show you that I have actually put needle in fabric.

176 (2)

This was a half done shop sample.  It is half done no more!  Flimsy away!

100 (2)

A while ago, I got stuck into my baskets.  After plodding through, I’m happy to say it’s a flimsy!  Flimsy away!

So two flimsies gone now.  Another two in the cupboard.  What will I do with them all?

I’m still half plodding along with technology issues, I have my laptop back but now I can’t load Livewriter on it, and my desktop won’t accept the photo card, so it’s still a little bit fiddly.  But all first world problems, I think. 

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, I hope you’re all warm and comfortable if you need to be, or cool and laid back if you need to be that too.

Happy quilting!


Thursday 13 June 2013

Building Blocks

Hey there.

It’s been a big week.  A sad one, but we have said our goodbyes and hopefully we can draw a line under the turmoil and just push on through.

And as I do in times of turmoil (who needs drugs or alcohol when you have quilting?) I played around with something new.

Log Cabin

I had a feeling I was doing it wrong – I’ve made a million log cabin blocks and this one just didn’t flow properly and now I think I’ve stuffed it.  When you do your log cabins do your darks extend all the way to the end on the outside?  Or am I overthinking it?

What can I say?  My brain is cotton wool right now.

I’ve been thinking of making a log cabin quilt for a few months now and last night I came across this lovely blog with the most divine quilt:


image sourced from here

and I just knew I had to use all those millions of reproductions I have to make one like it. 

I’ve made my logs finish at 3/4” which I thought was tiny but now that I’ve made it, I think maybe I need to finish them at 1/2”.  And then I thought maybe I’m a total lunatic because how many blocks will you need to make if they finish at 4” rather than 6”?  It’s not like I’ve got nothing else to do!

So I don’t know.  I think I’ll go and make a 4” block and see if I like that one more.

Dilemmas.  First world problems of the highest nature.

See you soon


p.s. thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my Nan.  We’ll miss her.  We already do.

Friday 7 June 2013


There has been much sadness in the Goose household.

My dear old Nan, 92 years old, passed away on Wednesday.

I want to write and share with you all just how wonderful she was to us, but the words aren’t coming.

People say ‘You’re lucky you had her for so long!’ and I can only say ‘it wasn’t nearly long enough’.

I’ll be back posting soon.  Once life returns to routine.  Soon.