Wednesday 22 January 2014

How do you organise your quilting?

If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you’d know organisation is something I struggle with.  In all aspects of my life, it’s something that challenges me day in and out.

I like to think my sewing room is reasonably organised – if you asked me to find something in there I would be able to put my hand on it fairly quickly.  I’ve got a cupboard in which I have stacked many plastic cheapo dishes and all the buttons are in one dish, all the dmc threads are in another.  A place for everything and everything in its place.

That works really well for the cupboard, and I’ve made myself a rule that if it goes in the cupboard, it goes in the right place.  At least I know that part of my life is sorted.

As for all the other bags, boxes and piles of fabrics, UFOs, PIGs and just plain out junk that surrounds the cupboard, I feel that I am one step away from appearing on Hoarders and that troubles me Big Time.

The kids aren’t back at school yet and time is still precious, therefore I have nothing to show you sewing wise.  But I have been surfing briefly this afternoon and found some excellent tips and storage ideas for your sewing room that I thought I would share.

I’ve spend way too many hours looking through those links.  I particularly encourage you, if you don’t already have a pinterest account, to get one.  It is another timewaster, admittedly but if you’re like me, a picture is worth a thousand words and there are so many excellent ideas on there. 

My other big problem is working out what to finish and when to do it.  I have so many UFO’s begun that I can’t settle on any one of them.  I think I’m going to give myself permission to work on five or ten at a time, that way I can move from one to another within that list as the mood takes me without having to dig through the cupboards again and again trying to find something that grabs me. 

I’m feeling very flighty right now – I’m finding it difficult to settle and I think it’s because my sewing room seems to be in such disarray.  First job on my list when the children go back to school is to get in there and Sort. It. Out.  I’ve already stuck the design wall back on that the cat knocked off, so that’s at least one job out of the way.

Hope those links help some of you.  Please feel free to add your own tips in the comments, best one wins a new kitten.

Till tomorrow,



  1. I'm using the "A Lovely Year of FInishes" challenge to work through my UFOs. I've finished my January goal already! Now I'm just trying to decide on my February one. Prizes are on offer when you finish each month, so it's a nice incentive to actually finish things ;)

  2. Ohh I've not heard of that one...I must look it up!

    Thanks for commenting :)