Saturday 4 January 2014

1600 Quilt

1600 Jelly Roll Quilt Cropped Image
I think I have shown you this one before.  You start with a jelly roll, stitch it together quick smart, and before you know it, you have a quilt.

I’m a little meh about this one.  It’s okay.  Nothing brilliant.  Would be a better back than a front.  But I tried out the technique and I can tick it off the Quilt Bucket List. 

Have you ever made one?  Did you like it?  Or are you ‘meh’, like me?  I’d love to hear from you with your thoughts.


  1. I tried it, and I'm with you - meh.

  2. I did one last month and I thought it came out better than I thought it would. I bet if you tried it with a jelly roll with more colors and prints that you may like it better. I used Morning Tides jelly roll by Moda that I bought from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies.

    I must admit, this jelly roll was a disappointment. But I've found another lovely pattern for a jelly roll that I will try. Done this once, won't do it again.

    But it was a fun exercise, so I don't regret it.

    Thanks again for posting,


  4. Please don't take my "severely MEH." as a diss of YOU. This is my attitude towards all Jelly Roll Race quilts. To me they look exactly like the amount of time that went into them (relatively little), rather than looking like a miracle trick to fool your friends into believing you worked very hard on it.
    I keep thinking, though, that they would be more interesting if folks would cut them up the OTHER way after sewing them into this original pattern. Some of the resulting strips could be flipped and re-sewn to make an interesting blocky effect. Or the whole thing could be squared off, cut into diagonal strips, spaced with sashing, RE-re-cut into quarters, then arranged into a bullseye pattern. Of course, the whole thing would end up much smaller. So I do want to try a 1600 quilt someday because I do think it might be a good starting point. But I wouldn't personally think of it as "finished".
    (Please know I still think very highly of your quilting prowess in general, though!)

  5. I don't take too much personally, Virginia :)

    I totally get what you are saying. I've done the Jelly roll thing and I really don't think I like it. I could cut a jelly roll into scrappy sizes, but that defeats the purpose of a jelly roll. I know people LOVE them, and there are books and books out there, but I guess they are really not for me.

    Thanks so much for posting