Tuesday 21 January 2014

Goodnight Irene

I’ve managed to squeeze in five minutes of sewing today.  It’s one of those days, really – school goes back in a week and everyone is ready for that. 

Not been the best of days today, the house is a tip, the children are bored, the new addition (kitty) has been a right royal (*&* and has pulled two quilts from off the wall, unhinging the sticky hooks so that I have to refix them (which is no mean feat – I have to buy them, move the beds, get the ladder, stick the hooks back on, rehang the quilt, move everything back) and then to top it all off, I find the little darling has pulled the design wall down in my quilting room. 


But I did sew a little:





The quilt blocks are just pinned onto the last remaining portion of design wall.  That’s one more job I have to fix.

I tell you, if it’s not the kids touching my stuff, it’s the darn cat!  Good thing they are all cute.

Till tomorrow,



  1. It's looking absolutely wonderful!

  2. Thanks so much, I must admit the more I put up there, the more I like it!

    Thanks again,