Monday 31 December 2018

As Another Year Closes

Hello, my lovely readers.

It's been a big year, hasn't it?  Whilst I've not managed to fulfill one of my personal goals in 2018 of trying to post daily to my blog, I did manage to fulfill another - not putting myself too much under pressure, or at least not feeling guilty when my goals weren't met.

As I said, It's been a year, hasn't it?  My kids have continued to grow up, my first baby is about to start year nine of high school, my youngest baby is about to start her second to last year of primary school, and I am again wondering where those years have gone.  They were just babies yesterday.

We had massive drought in our area when rain was desperately needed, and then when rain was the last thing anyone could deal with, it wouldn't stop.  

We've had fruit fly, we've had losses of dear friends.  

We've had lunatic politicians.  

But we've had babies.  We've had weddings, we've had shared times with lovely family.

As this is posted, I am on my way home from celebrating a special birthday with lovely family in another state.  I'm flying home, and oh my gosh I hate to fly.  So wish me luck.  

It is my big hope that next year, 2019, I WILL get my act together.  I'm aiming to post more, exercise more, enjoy more.  Eat less, drink less, spend less.  

We shall see.

I'll leave you with a lovely picture my daughter took, which seems apt for this time of year.

See you on the flipside!

Thursday 1 November 2018

Back again

Hi lovely readers.  Me back again, briefly popping in to say hello, I’m still alive and kicking, in case you’re worried!

I’ve been working my little tail off here in my corner of the world, but I’m hoping that my hard work now will pay off for next year when time might (just might) be more of a premium.  I let myself slip out of habits at the end of First Daughter’s primary school, last year.  We’d had five years of a routine that worked quite well, and changing to a new school, new routine, more travel – well that has meant a lot less time here at home to do fun things like quilt and blog.

But fingers crossed, it’ll be better in the new year as I try to establish new habits and make 2019 a productive year!  Bear with me!

I’ve got some lovely photos for you of our most recent rose festival.  You’ve seen these from previous years so I’m happy to share the current year with you.  It’s all done and dusted now, which is a good thing because today is meant to be 40C which will annihilate any roses left on the bush.

Other than that, things are well with me.  Trying to keep cool, trying to lose a little weight, trying to be organised.  Life is all about trying hard to be better, don’t you think?

Have a lovely productive day and I’ll pop in again when I can!

Photo 18-10-18, 3 10 00 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 3 10 12 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 3 10 28 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 3 10 40 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 3 10 47 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 3 11 01 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 3 11 19 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 3 11 28 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 3 11 36 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 24 08 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 24 16 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 24 20 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 24 36 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 24 45 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 24 51 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 24 58 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 25 03 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 25 25 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 25 31 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 25 41 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 25 53 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 26 00 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 26 19 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 26 26 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 27 02 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 27 09 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 27 16 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 27 20 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 27 31 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 27 36 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 27 43 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 27 58 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 28 11 pmPhoto 18-10-18, 5 28 39 pm (1)

Monday 1 October 2018

Life’s so very hard…..

Made you look, didn’t I?

It’s not hard at all really, but as you may have guessed I’m struggling a little with time management (oh again, I hear you say?) and the blog has fallen over a little (oh again, I hear you say?)

Bear with me, lovely readers.  I’m trying my hardest to set up a system where blogging (and creative endeavours in general) take more of a front foot rather than the thing I do when all else is done.  I truly believe for my mental health, I need to be creative.

But bear with me, and here is a picture of my house and a sunset. 

See you as soon as I can! 

Photo 19-10-17, 7 29 15 pm

Tuesday 21 August 2018

knitting show and tell

Photo 13-7-18, 4 09 26 pmSometimes when I am sick of the ballet project hexagons, I like to do something mindless, like knitting.

I’ve got so many odd balls of wool, and I’ve found that two 50 gram balls will make a matinee jacket. 

So that’s what I’ve been doing, at night or in the car while waiting and waiting and waiting for ballet to end.

Photo 13-7-18, 4 09 29 pm

Photo 13-7-18, 4 09 55 pm

Photo 13-7-18, 4 10 21 pm

Photo 13-7-18, 4 11 03 pm

Photo 13-7-18, 4 11 31 pm

I’ve got an enormous pile of matinee jacket packets from my years as a wool shop owner, and some I’ve made more than once, like the orange one on the top photo, to the one down the bottom here. 

As I knit them, I add them to the bag that will be donated to someone.  I hope someone likes them.  We do these things for ‘charity’ and who knows if ‘charity’ wants them?

Hope you’re having a good day.  Things are fine, I have one sick child home yesterday and today but the good news is NETBALL IS FINISHED!! So I have one less place that I need to sit and wait. 

See you soon!

Monday 20 August 2018

Grampians Road Trip Part Four

It’s silly season here at the moment (August/September is dance concert month and all a bit crazy) so bear with me while I share some of my older posts, until I can show you some wonderful new stuff I’ve been working on.

I know some of you like my travel posts, I always like to see the other places people live so enjoy!  This is the Grampians again, in Victoria Australia.





































That’s it for now!  Enjoy and see you soon!