Monday 20 January 2014


After I posted my quilt blocks yesterday, I was randomly surfing and came across this quiltalong at Terry’s Treasures which I had seen a while ago, and then promptly forgot.  Notice anything? 

It’s the same quilt block!  I made mine in a totally different way, but Terry’s seems so much easier to assemble, so I’m signing up for her quiltalong right now. 

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Don’t you think it’s funny how you can look at a block and think “Yes, you make this block this way”.  And then someone else comes along and says “No, actually the way I see it, this block is made this way” and both of you end up with the same result, but having used a totally different way of assembly. 

I like to think I’m pretty good at seeing how a block is made, but Terry’s way is sooo much easier than mine!

Till tomorrow,


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