Saturday 30 September 2017

Glorious Spring

Photo 29-9-17, 8 52 49 amNo quilting today, just a photo of a lovely bottlebrush I saw.  They are in bloom everywhere and they are amazing.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Thursday 21 September 2017

Anyone seen a missing blogger?

Sorry, lovely readers.

I think if you go back and look at my past years’ of posting, you’d probably find that I drop off the planet around September. 

September is a very busy month for me.  Lord knows why, it’s only September, for goodness’ sake.

It’s not been all hustle and bustle though.  In my quiet times (waiting in the car…waiting….waiting) I’ve managed to do some hexies. 

Photo 21-9-17, 8 49 10 am

You’ve not seen these ones before.  Some time ago, while cleaning out a cupboard at our quilting rooms, I found this lovely pouch donated by an older lady for a trading table. 

Photo 21-9-17, 8 48 34 am

Photo 21-9-17, 8 48 58 am

All hand stitched and hand quilted, and included a hand stitched zipper also!  Too cute for words.

I realised it looked vaguely familiar, and then I remembered a million years ago, I saved a tutorial from a lovely website Quiltsalott (click on the link to be taken directly to the tutorial).   Sadly the blogger doesn’t write anymore which is a shame, because she’s got some lovely stuff there.

Anyway.  Time to make myself one!

I finished piecing the hexies last night, and will hand quilt them in the next day or two.  All the fabrics are from scraps I’ve held on to over the years (don’t we all do that!).  I am slightly disappointed in a couple though.  See if you can tell which ones in this closeup:

Photo 21-9-17, 8 49 14 am

It is difficult to see, (and ignore the truly awful closeups of my stitching) but it’s the plains.  When I was stitching them they seemed to have a sheen to them, and were a tighter weave than others.  I really did think hard about including them, and I did.   I’m now firmly convinced they are some sort of poly blend, because they have puckered a little under the iron.  Not too much, but enough for me to realise I should trust my instincts when it comes to things like this.

Lesson learned. 

Apart from that, life is hurtling by for us.  Australia is currently going through the worst flu season ever (apparently) and everyone, including my husband is sick.  He’s not one to stay home and veg out on the couch so the fact that he’s been off work for three days and on the couch all that time makes me think that he didn’t have manflu after all, but a real bonefide cold..

I’m soldiering on though! 

Hope you’re all well.  Happy quilting!

Thursday 7 September 2017

Monday Driving
























Hello!  Did you make it all the way to the end of the photos?

For some reason now Livewriter doesn’t let me start typing at the top any more.  So here I am for today.

Some time ago we (hubby and I) took the girls for a drive to a small group of towns around here.  He has business interests that he needed to see, so we tagged along for the drive.  We all love a good ramble, and he knows the owners of this abandoned sheepfarm, so we felt comfortable to have a good stickybeak.

I often read other people’s blogs when they ramble, and there is so much to see in such a small space.  Here where I live there are miles and miles and miles of nothing much – it’s lovely and quiet and you could drive for miles without seeing another car.  This farm had a shearing shed that we assumed hadn’t been used for years, given the calendar.  Yet it still had that lovely, musty smell of lanolin and sheep (those of us who live near sheep know the smell very well, it’s gorgeous). 

It’s a fantastic space and it seems a shame to let it all just fall away with the weather (see the photo above of all that’s left of the shed next to it) but people just don’t have a need for their own shearing shed anymore.  Way of the world, I guess.

Hope you’re well, warm, dry and safe!  Take care!

Saturday 2 September 2017

Blue, blue, blue

Hi lovely readers.

It’s a blue day today.  Not in mood but in quilts! 


I’ve made a bonus quilt from leftover half square triangles.  Found them in a bag somewhere.


And now, not only is it a top, it’s a quilt!


and it’s quilted by ME! 


So yay me!  I had a lesson on the long arm and it worked okay really.   I am not displeased at all!  It is really difficult to get a nice curve happening, and I’m in awe who can do such wonderful quilting on their quilts.  I’m sure I will be a functioning, and quite capable long armer, but never more than that and NEVER for other people


A long arm is most definitely the way to go if you have the space.  Or the mother that has one you can borrow for nothing. 

I hope you are well, safe and dry enough (especially if I have any Texas readers, my goodness me I feel for you!).  We are in the first week of spring and it’s most definitely arrived – it’s hot and windy, and tomorrow it’s going to rain. 

I don’t much like spring.

Take care everyone!