Wednesday 1 July 2020

Happy July! And a show and tell for you

Hi lovely readers.  I've disappeared again.  I have a habit of that.  I wish I could tell you that it's because I've been so industrious, but it's not.  I have been busy though, just not in the sewing room.

I don't think I've shown you this before, but I found it in the draft folder and I thought I must definitely show you it today.  It's been finished for months, but I need to pull out the proverbial and get it quilted (along with all the other quilts that need doing)

I think it's a lovely quilt for little people, don't you?  I might even do it again one day.  I kept the pattern.

How's your Covid experience going?  Sick to the back teeth of hearing about it?  Yeah me too.  We remain insulated in South Australia, as most of Australia has its act together and numbers are good.  Victoria though has dropped its bundle and their numbers are causing concern - a spike has been happening and we are all a little nervous, especially those of us who live right on the border.  Our government was going to open up the borders in a few weeks but yesterday it was announced that the borders would remain closed until it got a little more under control next door.  

Having said all of that, our numbers are still very, very low in Australia compared to you poor things over seas.  We always joke about missing out on everything here in Australia because we are so far away - let me tell you, that being so far away from all of this is very reassuring at the moment.

But Oh My Gosh I'm sick of hearing about it.  

So that's my update today.  Bright chirpy birds to show you.  A lovely day outside, all is good with the world.

See you soon!