Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday afternoon

I’m trying to start a new habit, it being the first week of the year and all.  I spend a lot of time taking photos, and I’m paranoid about the camera/laptop dying and me not saving Every. Single. Photo I’ve ever taken.  I’ve had a Picasa account for a million years, but since they sold it to Google and Google totally wrecked it (why, Google?  Why do you take a perfectly good programme and kill it?)so now I’m also dipping my foot in the Flickr pool too.

Each month I empty my camera onto my laptop, make a folder for the month and once a month, upload them onto Picasa.  Or Flickr now.  Hopefully they’ll all get transferred, and I won’t get confused.

Of course this makes it easy to see new stuff I haven’t blogged about.  Which is my long winded way of telling you I have more show and tell.


Not sure if you remember me discussing our group’s Christmas swap?  We all had to do a block holder, and I did a lovely pink number (I’ve posted a photo of it below).  The above one was one that Mum received (she had been touring overseas and couldn’t collect it herself), and I think it’s just lovely. 


And this lovely one above I am lucky enough to call mine.  I think the original maker did a fantastic job and I’m already using it.

Just to refresh your memory, this one was the one I designed – all very pink and girly so I do hope a pink and girly person got it.  I couldn’t go to the Christmas dinner where they were swapped so didn’t see the recipient’s face.  Hope it was a happy surprise for her.


I’ve been told that the whole swap was received excellently well, so that sure is nice to hear.

Anyway.  Till tomorrow, my lovelies.



  1. the pink block holder that you have made is beautiful, and the one that your Mum have recieved is also great. Have a nice sunday. Tiny

  2. Thanks, Tiny! My Sunday was sweltering but I sewed! So that's always a good thing.

    Thanks again


  3. Lovely work, and what a good idea too.

    I've never thought about making a block holder.

    Fiona x