Wednesday, 23 January 2013

On holidays

The past week we were lucky enough to stay in Adelaide, right in the city.  My husband had a course he had to attend, and we decided that a trip away would do everyone the world of good.

Such a shame about the location of our holiday house though.


I mean look at our surroundings.


All those trees.  All those birds.


Anyone would think it was the country or something!


Oh okay, you got me.  It was divine.  Purely divine.  Behind every one of these bunch of trees is a major, major metropolitan highway and suburbia.  Yet this little park was filled with trees and grasslands just like this.  I sat on our deck each night with my glass of wine and absorbed it.  Really would have been happy to pack up and move there.


Every morning we awoke to the sounds of kookaburras and galahs.  And we were forced to look at this view.


And mixed in with the scent of the eucalyptus trees was a lemon scented something – I don’t know which bush it was but it smelt so lovely every evening.


Our nearest neighbours.  They had kids too.  Isn’t it wonderful at parks like this – kids just play with total strangers and everyone has a fabulous time. 


These are baby trees really.  I didn’t get to take a photo of the old, gnarly gumtrees closer to the road, but they are massive.  It’s been so hot that all the bark had fallen to the ground leaving the trunks of these beautiful trees like this:




Amazing, the patterns of nature. 

Every day we would walk through the streets (as we had no car) and it was very stressful making sure the little people were holding my hand, and not venturing into danger.  My kids are country kids, and big major city highways are not something they are used to.  Me either, if I’m honest.  Both the girls told me 'they liked the city, but it’s just got too many cars in it!’.  I totally agree.

It was very nice to return home to our lovely unit (which even had an ensuite, as well as a major bathroom), airconditioning and swimming pool and backyard views like the ones above.

However, nothing got stitched, crocheted or sewed.  That’s becoming a bit of a problem really.  I can feel myself getting antsy.

Till tomorrow,



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