Thursday, 10 January 2013

Easy Street–A dead end

I wonder how many others out there have made their own Easy Street related puns.

I have come to a grinding halt with this one – I’ve had all sorts of issues with fabric choices, and running out of fabric, and placement problems.  I’ve probably come to the decision (though I don’t want to admit it) that Christmas/New Years is a really bad time for me to start a Bonnie Hunter mystery.

I’ve done a fair bit though, most of my individual units are made, and now I’m just in the process of assembling my blocks. 

100_2179 (2)

Oh there’s an error in one of my placements.  I haven’t sewn these blocks together, just laid them on the display wall.

I started off just being scrappy, then quickly decided there wasn’t enough fabric to go around, so I ended up using mostly hand dyed. 

I’ve decided to reserve judgement on how I actually like the quilt – there seems to be an awful lot of green and I’m not really a green person.  But we’ll see. 



The top picture is my corner points, I can safely call them finished.  The middle picture is me playing around to make sure that I actually like the blocks together.  I think I’ll certainly be striking, and I can’t really be sure what the end result will look like, as the white of the design board washes out the whole effect of the blocks.  But I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll look okay when it’s done.  Definitely no borders on this one, I had to be really inventive with fabric as it is.  There is NONE left over.

Did you do an Easy Street?  Were you happy with yours?

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  1. I am also at a dead stop on Easy street. Layed out all of the blocks. Sewed a few sections. Christmas clean up got in the way and a little mending. Now my sewing room is full of easy street and it needs to be done.