Monday, 14 January 2013

Pleasures of a summer garden

I wait all year for summer to arrive.  I don’t like the heat much, but I’ll put up with living in a hot area because summer fruit is divine.  I live in a fruitgrowing region, and our house is on a bigger block of land, so it made sense we planted fruit trees when we moved in.

This is what I picked this morning.


Fresh, juicy, dripping plums. 

And these:


Such delicious apricots, I can’t tell you.  I didn’t ‘thin’ properly this year (for those of you not acquainted with stone fruit, you thin, or remove, about half of the fruit when it’s just forming so that the fruit you end up with is larger).  So most of my fruit was smaller, and didn’t the birds just love it!  But even with the added drama of the birds stealing some fruit, we still had too, too much of it.

What a wonderful state to be in – too much fruit to eat.  Any visitors were loaded up with bags of fruit, whether they wanted it or not.

Still to come are two types of peaches, another type of plum, and my favourite – the nectarines.  I didn’t have masses of luck with the grapes – we suffered a very hot day right at the start of their season and they got fried, but the ones that remained were delicious. 

The kids are barely eating ‘proper’ food, we seem to graze on fruit all day long.

I’ve said it so many times, but it bears repeating – I’m so blessed.

Till tomorrow,


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