Friday, 4 January 2013

Blue Mystery Quilt

Hi ladies (and gents, though I am not sure if any gents are actually interested in my blog!).

I’ve had a couple of emails about my blue quilt featured in the last post.

This one:


When my house calms down, I’ll take a decent photo on my design wall to show you.  But for now, this’ll do.

This was a quilt designed by one of our local patchwork members for our group to do.  I had lots of blues, and it wasn’t too hard to find enough fabric requirements (unlike Bonnie’s latest mystery quilt, Easy Street, but that’s another post).

So I can’t give you the name of the quilt, or the designer.  I’d feel a little awkward giving you the pattern requirements, as I would hate to upset the original designer who does make a living from her quilting/teaching.

What I will say is the quilt is simply one block, a square of background fabric and two smaller squares stitched and folded back in place.  The beauty of the quilt is all in the fabric placement.  I’ve long since forgotten the measurements but as a very quick guide, you could try a 6.5” block of background fabric and two 4” blocks of colour. I’m not sure if that’s right but give it a go. 

Anyway – glad you all like my recap so far.  I’ll dig up some more photos for tomorrow.

Till then,



  1. That looks really amazing...a simple idea, but a knockout when made up.

    Fiona x

  2. Oh thank you so much... I'm really pleased with my colour choices considering it was a mystery, can't really go wrong with blues though.