Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New ways to keep you busy

If you’re like me, despite the never ending list of UFO’s, you are always looking out for the next thing you can make.  It’s always been a problem I have, not being able to finish what I start very well.  You guys know that, I’ve told you often enough.

Part of my problem is I surf too much, and I come across wonderful quilt alongs, mystery quilts and block of the months online.  It seems every quilting blog wants to offer something to their readers, and I’m the same (yes, I do have another mystery quilt in my head, thanks for asking! – but that will be much later in the year, I think).

I’m not planning on doing many (hopefully any, if my will power is good enough) of these, but I thought I’d share what I had found.

Mystery Quilt Links

Quilters United In Learning Together – Schenectady

Venice Area Quilts Guild Mystery 2013

BV Piecemakers

Shabby Fabrics (really cute so far, only one block posted but this might have to be one I need to do)

Patchwork Times Medallion Mystery

Once Piece At A Time (Erin’s quilts are first class, and her tutorials are just excellent)

Block of the Month or Week

Oh there are so many of these.  But here’s a few. 

Open Gate Quilts

Just Quilting with Denise Russart

Jeanne Rae Crafts

Project House 360


Civil War Quilts

Persimmon Quilts

Grandmother’s Choice


I think you could just go on forever, surfing and blogging and surfing and never actually get any quilting done.  But have a look at some of those links, and perhaps you could share the quiltalongs/mystery quilts YOU have been interested in. 

Till tomorrow,


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