Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Scrappy Trip Along

I suppose you’ve all heard of the Scrappy Trip Along?  No?  Do a google image search.  It’s everywhere.

Of course, my New Year’s Resolution was to start nothing new. 

On New Year’s Day I did this:


which quickly turned into this (because you can’t just do one):


so now I have four blocks which won’t work size wise so I’ve decided to just keep going and maybe do a set of four in each of about nine colours, so that I have a square quilt when I’m done. 

I can’t do the half scrappy thing.  It has to be all scrappy or not at all scrappy, so I chose to make it very defined but scrappy, which is why I did the four block thing.


I used Bonnie’s method and man, is it easy and fun!  I had no idea.  I’ve got a method in my head brewing using a whole strip instead of just 16”, or using jelly rolls and I think you could make a very quick quilt that looks totally complicated with very little thinking at all.

So I’m very pleased with my blocks.  But displeased with my self restraint, as I totally broke my world record in breaking New Year’s resolutions.

How about you?  Have you done a trip around the world yet?

Till tomorrow


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  1. Oh I really like your scrappy trip! I like the colors you're using. I stumble upon your blog while looking for color ideas on a scrappy trip quilt I want to make soon. Thanks for inspiring me!