Tuesday 8 January 2013

Melting away

It’s another scorcher here in my part of Australia.  All sorts of weather warnings and the like.  We’ve been inside, watching television most of the day.  At least, the kids have.  I’ve been trying to get some sort of order in my house, which is difficult at present.

My niece came and stayed with us a few days before Christmas.  She’s a very crafty little girl with a very uncrafty mother, so she was desperate ‘to do some sewing’ with someone who knew what to do.  She worked very hard while she was here and here end result was this:


She did it all, with only the littlest bit of guidance from me.  She thought she was just so fabulous at the end of it (it’s a cushion cover, in case that isn’t obvious).  She’s already booked in another stay this year to make a matching quilt. 

I love that I am the one they come to when they want to learn something new.  Makes me feel like I am handing down my knowledge (which I regret isn’t much), much like my mother handed hers down to me.

I don’t think craft is a dying art by any stretch, but I do think the traditional way we learned it (e.g. at our mother’s knee) is not the way we will teach our children in the future.  I guess it doesn’t matter how they learn, as long as there is someone there who will teach them.

Till tomorrow,



  1. I've just chucked another log on the fire here...it's freezing!

    Cracking cushion cover.


  2. Stay warm, Fiona!

    We had a cool change over night, its 30 degrees now, not 45. And a lovely breeze. But back to hot temps by the end of the week.