Saturday, 28 March 2020

088 Ongoing Scrap Challenges

Way back a month ago, when life was more normal than it is now, our quilting group decided to do one block a month.  You all stitched one of those blocks, brought it to group, and the person who suggested it would make the blocks into a quilt.

Seems like forever ago, doesn't it?  My block was the heart one.  We have over seventy now, sitting at the group hall.  

Strictly speaking, there's nothing stopping me from going out to get it.  I still drive into town twice a day to pick up my daughter from the bus, and I still get groceries.  I'm not completely self isolated.  But it feels wrong, somehow to be out driving while I should be at home.

Perhaps in a week or so I'll drive out there to collect some stuff. 

I also (a month ago - how was it only a month ago) went across the border to our nearest Big Town to buy fabric to sash it.  Now the borders are closed, so I can't go there even if I wanted to.  

I should be completing everything in my UFO pile.  I know I should.  But I'm being a bit lazy really.

How are you spending your enforced quiet time?

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