Thursday, 26 March 2020

086 - ongoing scrap challenges

Our online group is making one block each month (we all make one block from a given pattern)

This is a disappearing nine patch block.  Easy peasy.

Life rolls along.  I brought toilet paper yesterday (score!!) and whilst the kids are still at school for a few days more, they've brought the start of the holidays a week earlier.  I suspect none of us in our house will know what's hit us when home learning starts.  Both girls think they are just getting holidays for a whole term.  

Yeah nah.  Not going to happen. 

I've cleaned out my freezer and have decided I could not go shopping for two months and still never use everything, so that's a plus.

And the weather is amazing still and I have a big back yard and that's a plus.

And my geriatric chickens give me one egg a day, so that's a plus.

How are you all coping?  I'll see you tomorrow!

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