Friday, 20 March 2020

080 - stitching along

Australia is still business as usual when it comes to every day life.  The kids are still at school, small businesses are still open, there is still food in the supermarkets.  It's surreal really, and I've learned to steer clear of social media, especially when the rest of the family is out and about and I am at home alone.  Takes a lot of tough talking to my inner voices to tell them to turn off the 'crazy'.

Thankfully, I have loads of spare time on my hand right now (everything was cancelled!  No sports day!  No canteen!).  For one brief, shining moment, even all my ironing was done.  That's changed of course, but for one small time, the ironing basket was empty.

I'm still fairly sure they will shut us down soon enough.  And then the whole family will be in the same space.  Which is lovely, but it'll be a different challenge for us than we are used to.

So, somewhat guiltily, I binged watched television today while the house was empty, and I dragged out an ancient UFO:

My mother in law works at a second hand shop and this lovely tapestry came in half done.  She offered it to me, and because I don't have enough UFO's of my own making, I took it. 

It's been 20 years since I've done tapestry.  And it's just perfect for this place in time.  The only problem is the light - it's best to do it during the day.  So of course, that means sitting down on my butt during the day which feels sooooo bad!

I've bingewatched both previous series of Westworld and am almost ready to start series three (NO SPOILERS!!).  There are some pluses to being stuck at home!

Have a lovely day!

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