Saturday 11 January 2020

011 - Fire Update South Australia

Bit hard to be upbeat at the moment with the fires.  It's all so horrid.

Some of you may remember a few years ago, we visited Kangaroo Island as a family.  You can see my posts here:

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Kangaroo Island The Nature Parks

We had such a wonderful time and I took photo after photo of the wonderful wildlife and nature everywhere.

You've probably heard that most of Kangaroo Island is gone now.  Half went last week in the big firestorms, most of the rest has gone today.

Horrible, horrible, horrible.  We drove back from Adelaide today and there was smoke from the start of the trip till we got home, three hundred kilometres away.

Outside it's currently

a/ blowing a gail
b/ completely red with a dust storm
c/ smokey from the fires
d/ trying to rain.

Mental.  Absolutely mental.

And not even half way through summer. 

It's so hard to be positive through this.  It's genuinely terrifying what the rest of summer will bring.  Without thinking further on - when they do stop the fires and try and get the nature back, what will they even eat?  There are no trees anymore.  There's no lizards for the birds, there's nothing.

I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully more upbeat than today.


  1. So very sorry to hear this tragic news. My daughter is currently in Sydney doing camps.

    1. Thanks Jocelyn, sorry I didn't reply sooner, I don't seem to be notified when I have comments. It's a month later and the fires have stopped, but things are still very grim.

  2. I am very, very sad for you and for all the wildlife that are no more, never mind the island itself! How tragic!!!