Wednesday 8 January 2020

008 What I've Been Working On - Crochet

It's currently very, very hot in Australia.  There's been no rain, you'd must be living under a rock to have not known that, and we can't put out the fires.

So obviously I haven't been crocheting.  This is something I have been working on throughout the year when it's been much cooler.

I had a load of Stylecraft Chunky left over from another crocheting project, and I determined this was the best way to use it up.

Apart from buying more black, the rest is all leftovers.  So I managed to empty a bag from my sewing room.  Excellent!  Of course now I have a large crochet blanket I need to find a place for but whatever.

And so many ends to sew in.  I should do it as I go, I really should.

But it's looking very lovely so far.  I'll show you an updated picture when I have one!

Happy quilting (or sewing, or knitting, or whatever you need to do today!)

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