Friday 2 December 2016

vintage dresden plate

I’m currently doing some secret squirrel quilting projects for two people who may possibly read this blog, so I’m not able to show you them yet.

But I’ve been systematically photographing, labelling and recording my flimsies, and have such a backlog of blog drafts to show you.

So I present the Vintage Dresden Plate.






It was made as a demo for the Accuquilt machine, and now that it’s put together I realise I have no chance of finding any more of the background fabric.  It’s been made for years, but I keep thinking I should make it bigger.  But I’ve finally decided ‘Nup’.

It’s done enough.  A smallish wall hanging in vintage colours will fit nicely someplace.

We are currently being invaded by a plague of mosquitos as the weather warms up and I’ve just spent a good time sweeping the black, revolting mass of dead insects away from any window.  Every day I have to do this, and it’s all I can do to sweep them into a pile.  I can’t stress just how REVOLTING that is.  Our river is currently experiencing a ‘High Water Event’ (we are not allowed to call it a flood, as it’s bad for business).  The flood high river is fabulous really, the river is this big black, heaving mass and everything changes, the wildlife changes  – and we get many smaller pockets of backwater filling up and now we have mosquitos.  Mosquitos.  Mosquitos.  Everywhere. 

Apart from that life is puddling along nicely.  I’ve done most of my major jobs (like making 25 nun costumes for a school play – why do I say yes to these things?) and all I have left to do is make two pairs of socks for a Christmas present, finish two quilts, buy all my Christmas gifts, buy a tree, decorate the tree and make sure the house is spick and span (hardie har har) before everyone descends here for Christmas Day.  And do all my Christmas baking.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I’m off out for tea tonight, so thank you for checking in on me and I will see you soon!

(pssst are you doing Quiltville’s mystery this year? – I can’t decide…..)


  1. I love the colors in your vintage Dresden quilt! The mosquito invasion sounds awful. I have something similar to your list to do except I already have a tree up (we use an artificial one as DH is allergic to the real ones) and the cookies are made. MIL arrives today for a surprise visit, so gotta go clean the bathroom, LOL!!

    1. haha! I know that feeling! My husband jokes it's the only time the spare bathroom gets a really good clean! (he's allright really)