Tuesday 6 December 2016

Calm Blue Ocean






You may have noticed that I’ve changed the header of my blog.  Was time for a bit of a shakeup.

This is the quilt I’ve used in the header – it’s my Calm Blue Ocean quilt, otherwise known as Mystery Quilt 2013.   I’ve had a few new followers lately (Hi!!) who may not have had a good look at what’s hiding here in the archives, so I thought I’d give you another look!

I’ve always loved this style of piecing– straight lines that look curved.  I’ve used up all my stash of these lovely cool blues, and overall I think the quilt worked really well!

Things are going along smoothly here – tree is up, lights are up.  Just about to take the children to the last ballet lesson for the year (thank goodness, I am so tired….) and then a week more of school and then that’s it for them!  I’m hopefully on track to have most of the ‘stuff’ done before they finish, that’s the plan at least.

Hope your day went well!


  1. Beautiful, serene quilt. I love the quilting on it too.

  2. Thanks, Dasha. My clever mother did that for me.