Saturday 3 December 2016

I took a risk…didn’t really pay off


I found some fabric on Ebay – cheap price, lovely prints, free postage, all good.  Come from China – I figured it was worth the risk.

It’s not worth the risk.  It’s so thin it’s like voile.

I do love the randomness of the prints they sent though, and I think the whole top cost me perhaps ten dollars.  I’ll probably use it for a backing.  Maybe.

It’s my husband’s fault.  When he stays away overnight I get bored and end up on Ebay.  So I buy fabric.  I won’t buy this stuff again.  I've got so much it, and I loved the look of it - it all looks like Liberty prints.  

How’s your day been? 


  1. At the risk of suggesting putting more time into this project ... what about ripping out some seams so you have tote bag sized pieces, backing those pieces with stiff fusible interfacing and making tote bags from them?

    Or making throw pillows from smaller sections? Or a room divider/curtain, so you can leave it big?

    If it's really as thin as voile, you KNOW it's not going to stand up to being in a quilt, even if it's on the back.

  2. Hi Shelley, thanks for your comments - I hadn't thought of tote bags but that's a good idea! Certainly something I'll think about.