Tuesday 27 December 2016

Saying goodbye to the year….







It’s nearly time to say goodbye for another year.  In many ways it’ll be a year I’ll be glad to see the back of – whilst I’ve personally had an okay year and we are leaving this year with the same amount of people we started it with, it’s been a pretty exhausting one.  I’m finding the constant connection to online isn’t a good thing – the 24 hour news cycle is a Bad Thing and the constant bombardment of ideas, information, opinions, pictures, music and so on really makes for a very busy brain.  And I don’t think we need busy brains all the time.  I really don’t need to know all I know about the bad things out there in the world.  It does me no good mentally at all. 

There’s something to be said for slow and steady.  For hand stitching.  For savouring cups of coffee.  For not rushing things and racing from one place to another.  And I think that’s my plan for next year.  I try hard to not take on every project I see on Pinterest.  I’ll try very hard to finish some things or at least finish everything I start.  And I’ll try really hard to enjoy the process, enjoy the moment and remember it’s not a race.

Easier said than done.  But I’ll try.   I make these sweeping statements every late December, and it’s not very often I can say I’ve achieved my goals at the end of the year.  But once again, I’ll try.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas.  We had our family one here – it went well (apart from the 42 Celcius heat we had to put up with.  Now we are waiting for a Very Big Storm to come tonight – so far so good but who knows what the night will bring!  I see my Northern Hemisphere friends are having a white Christmas – what a wonderful thing to enjoy.

So until I see you again, please have a lovely few days!


  1. What a lovely tree. You are so right, taking time to breathe is important. I am staying off Pinterest, it wastes too much time. I too have been feeling the need to spend less time on the computer and more time in the creative process, or taking a walk in the woods.

  2. A wonderfully productive year! You are to be congratulated on all your progress, and deserve a few days off. Thanks for all the inspiration.