Thursday 22 December 2016

Ho Ho Ho…

I’m still here, lovely readers.

But, because it’s so close to Christmas, the good laptop has decided to throw a hissy fit and not connect to some websites – and of course blogger is of them.   I mean, of course it did.  It does emails and facebook though, so I’m not completely adrift from the world.

I just can’t be sitting at the laptop for hours trying to work out why it’s being difficult.  Not this close to Christmas. I have Important Stuff to do.   So now I’m typing away on the old laptop, which to be perfectly honest, is a complete dud.

Not that I have much to show you anyway.  I made myself a promise when we moved into our house eight years ago that the only place I would store craft things would be in the quilting room and if it didn’t fit in that room, I wouldn’t buy it.  But you know me well enough by now to know that plan failed.  I’m having Christmas visitors over the next week and I’ve had to move allllll the extra stuff that I wasn’t going to buy into my sewing room and now I can’t move in there.


Not that I have time to sew anyway!  It’s Christmas!  Too much to do! 

How are your plans going?  We are having 15 here.  I’ve done the presents, brought the food, almost cleaned most of the house – I’m totally exhausted but most of the big stuff is done now.  My evil plan is to have a totally clean house for Boxing Day, and I plan to get into that sewing room some how and do some sewing!  For the first time in what seems like forever! 

The Boxing Day Test (cricket, obvs….) will be on and there’s something so very wonderful about just watching the cricket, guilt free, not cooking any meals and just going with the flow.  Last year we had trifle for breakfast, lunch and tea.  I’m making no apologies.  I’m assuming it must feel like watching the football on thanksgiving? 

Anyway.  I’ve blathered about long enough.  Can I just say, in case I don’t get back here before New Years’ – I’m so glad you’re around and reading still.  I’m not planning on going anywhere, and I’m quietly aiming to be a little more talkative on here.  But no promises- they never work out.  I’ve enjoyed being here, and I hope you continue to hang around.

Thanks for your friendship, and I’ll see you very soon!


  1. Stil reading, of course! It's so nice to read something about your life at the other end of the world. Here Christmas preparations are also in order, but I'm working fulltime so that's a bit hectic. Fortunately, we are guests this year, instead of having them, but we promised my mother in law that we would do most of the cooking. But still, our house hasn't to be perfectly.
    I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy creative 2017! Gezegende kerstdagen en gelukkig nieuwjaar!
    Yours, Sjoukje

  2. I just said that to myself yesterday while packing up a lot of reds I have been using and trying to get the cutting table clear. I'm sure watching cricket on Boxing Day is a lot like we Americans watching football on Thanksgiving. I plan to deliver some goodies to my neighbors on Boxing Day, just for fun. We usually write out our donations to charity for the year then too, and get them in the mail. I love the tradition of Boxing Day. Then, I'll be sewing too. Merry Christmas!!