Thursday, 1 December 2016




I think you’ve seen these guys before.  I’ve actually made two of them (why?  Oh who knows?  I’m an idiot????  I think I had two kits?? Lord knows why I do these things). 

This was a design by the Chook Shed ladies and over the years I have done many of their quilts.  Each daughter has a large Chook Shed design hanging over their bed.  It’s a little bit twee now, quilting styles having changed so much over the last ten years.  One of the reasons I’m not too worried about not owning a shop anymore – to keep up with all the latest trends is exhausting.  But I do think my little Noah is lovely.

I’ll not pop eyes on him till the quilt is quilted, but I’m thinking that I will get going on it soon and maybe donating it to some charity to be given out at Christmas.  I like the idea of a little one enjoying a quilt that he wouldn’t normally have had access to.

Hope your day is going well.

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