Sunday 3 January 2021

leftover patches nine patch pastel

Hi Lovely Readers

Struggling a bit with this new (to me) blogger format.  I guess if I'd kept up with my daily blog entries last year I'd be used to it by now.  Forgive me if I don't reply to any comments you make, it's because I don't get notified anymore that they are there.

I've been having a cleanout of my UFO's (oh so many) and found a bag of nine patches.  I did a usual thing, made too many for another quilt and so I'll have to make a second one, you know how it goes.

Still all of this left over too.

I do love a nine patch, so it's not a chore to make another quilt from it.  I'm thinking just plain old nine patch, sashed with cream or maybe even a pastel homespun.  

I shall give it some thought.

How are you guys all going?  It's a steamy day outside, but I can see the sun is shining and the wind is softly blowing, so I think I might be going outside to do some gardening later today.  And hopefully a little sewing too.

Talk to you soon!

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