Wednesday 13 January 2021

bear quilt group

Hi lovely readers,

I've not had time to stitch or take photos today, so I've found a draft of a quilt that I've not shown you yet, and I've been meaning to.

As part of our group's Covid challenges, we couldn't meet in real life for a while.  So we decided that a pattern would be provided on our facebook page, and those of us who wanted to could make a block to bring along when we were next attending our real life group.  And those blocks could be made into a quilt for a charity.

One of our clever ladies decided on this Pam Bono block, and it was a real challenge, let me tell you.

But most of us persevered, and we managed okay, and the end result is an amazing quilt that we will give to someone who needs it.
How's your sewing going?


  1. Precioso resultado. Me encanta. Un beso desde Tres Cantos (Madrid) ESPAÑA

  2. since you were only making one I gues it had to be a doozy that took time while you could not
    the quilt looks great and a great idea to pull you together when you could not be together....

  3. È bellissimo! In quale libro di Pam Bono posso trovare lo schema?

  4. it's beautiful. in which book by Pam Bono can I find the scheme?