Saturday 2 January 2021

A flimsy to show you...

Hi Lovely Readers,

I found some time today to sort through my drafts in my blogger account - whilst I don't often have the time to write every day, and I'm trying hard to change this, I often have a lot of photos that I make into drafts, and they sit there waiting for the day I have time.

But I hope this year, off the back of Covid, will be a little more slow lane than other years.  Who knows?  

You may remember this quilt as it was ongoing - I had a massive stash of those brick sized pieces and I picked out all the brights and made this:

When I finished it and had it on the wall I decided it was a little too top heavy.  Too much colour at the top.

I took the top two or so layers off and put them at the bottom, and now I have a quilt I'm sure a person might like.


As the New Year has been, I'm once again at that time of my year when I survey all the stuff around me and wonder, what the hell I am going to do with it all, and also, what will it all look like if I keep quilting for another thirty years?  

So as I reflect on that, I am more and more thinking that if I make a quilt, it'll have a place to go before I start to make it.  None of my family want any more quilts, but I think some other little people out there  might - and so I'm going to donate a lot more, I've decided.

I think I say that every year, and I have every intention to follow through with it this year, but we shall see.

It's cool and raining here today, which is weird given it's the middle of summer.  Weather can't make its mind up.  I have a pot of plum sauce on the stove, so I'm tied to the house a little, but I have all the windows open and I am enjoying the breeze.

I hope your day has been filled with quilty things.


  1. You'll love seeing the children's faces when you give them a quilt. I make twin quilts and donate to a battered women's shelter in our area. they are so appreciative getting it and knowing someone cares.

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I think that is where my quilting will go for the most part - to those who need it. If they want it, of course!