Friday 10 April 2020

101 - A Finish To Show You

As promised, I've washed and blocked the rose tapestry I was working on.

My mother in law works at a local opportunity shop (thrift shop for those not in Australia) and she was given some half done tapestries.  She offered them to me and obviously I have too much free time because I said yes to them.

I wonder what their history was.  When I washed this one, the water ran so brown.  I rinsed and rinsed till it was clear and then laid it flat on a towel overnight.  I have a piano stool that is need of repair and I think when things get back to usual (normal?  Will that ever happen?) I'll use it as the top of that.

I'm plodding along today.  Again, a glorious day outside.  We are just about to head off on our nightly walk.

Hope you're well!

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