Monday 6 April 2020

097 Another Day Another Quilt

Hi lovely readers!

I can't seem to focus on one thing right now, so I'm jumping around between projects and trying not to feel guilty.  None of these projects are new ones, so at least I'm moving a few UFO's along.  But I don't enjoy being unsettled.

It's a glorious day outside and soon we are going for our daily walk around the fruit blocks.  I find we all need it for our mental health.  I do worry about the oldies who don't get their usual social fix, how do they cope? 

A million years ago (a month - was it only a month?) I went on retreat and spent the whole day turning little bits of fabric over and gluing them.  Literally the whole day.  It was a UFO that was sitting there solely because it all seemed too much like hard work.  But I applied myself and did that, then the bag sat in the corner of the room until today.

I've been gluing them together with little dabs of Roxanne glue, using a toothpick because the stupid applicator is blocked (such a pain).  I've yet to apply them to the actual quilt, I am a little scared to if I am honest - but that will be tonight's work.

And then I was going to hand applique them but I'm thinking bugger it, maybe finished is better than half done.  We'll see.

Hope you're surviving, hope you're enjoying some part of this stupid topsy turvy world.  


  1. I've been following along for a while but never commented until today. My friend, Teresa at Fabric Therapy, does her applique the same way. Her work is totally amazing, as is yours. I enjoy visiting with you. Stay Safe

    1. Hi there, thanks so much for writing. It's a technique I learned some time ago. I'm really the most basic of beginners but it's a start, I guess! Thanks again for writing, and I hope you're doing okay.