Thursday, 9 April 2020

100 - and what a hundred days it was!

I've posted for 100 days straight. 

And what a hundred days it was. 

But we made it this far!  Hooray for us!

I've been stitching my tapestry today and I can now tell you I have finished!  But before I show it to you I need to wash it and block it, it's stretched beyond belief because I didn't use a frame. 

So that's one UFO off the list! 

It's Good Friday here tomorrow in Australia - there's a thought, is it Good Friday everywhere or just Australia?  Traditionally our region is INVADED by tourists camping by the river.  They (the Government) have spared no expense in telling people to 'Stay Away Please' - we are all crossing our fingers that common sense for the most part prevails, but I've heard many stories of people planning their annual trip regardless.  There's no cure for Stupid, unfortunately.

But I'll be staying home, doing the right thing.

Till tomorrow, my lovelies!


  1. Yup, Good Friday here too. Posting for 100 days is a feat!! Thankfully we have sunshine today after a stormy night. Be safe.