Wednesday, 8 April 2020

099 Oops almost forgot

I forgot to post!

It's a good thing it's still today because if it was tomorrow that would be bad!  That would break my streak!

I have no photos for you today but I urge you in the strongest possible terms, go outside and look at the moon!  We've just been for our daily (nightly) walk and the moon tonight is amazeballs, as the young ones say.  It's like God said 'look, I know you gotta stay home for a while but look up!'.

Things are plodding along here.  We have moved through the fear part, the adrenaline part, and now we are at the 'oh right, weeks more of this' part.  I'm trying very hard to keep the whole family 'up' when they need it.  Husband is fine, he's actually living his best life, gets me bringing all his coffees and meals to him while he works, like he's got an actual Personal Assistant.

The kids are struggling with not seeing their friends in real life.  Cyber only works so far.  But we walk each day and today we baked (badly) but we try and keep their spirits up too.

Hope your spirits are up today.

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