Saturday, 7 July 2018

Saturday Happenings

We had 26 degrees here on Thursday.  It is the middle of winter, the week before our maximum was 12 – Thursday was 26 degrees.  It’s back to being bitterly cold today, and a wind straight off the Antarctic.  I spent the day fighting the car driving too and fro ferrying children to various sporting/dance endeavours, feeling particularly crabby.  Does the wind make you fractious too?

But it’s the end of the day now and I’m about to have a glass of wine and a bath, and all will be well.

Thought I’d show you some flowers from my garden.  I don’t think the flowers understand the weather at all, the roses have been like this for weeks now – almost like they have been snap frozen into place.

Photo 7-7-18, 4 28 29 pmPhoto 7-7-18, 4 28 48 pm

Photo 7-7-18, 4 28 55 pm

It’s the middle of winter, for goodness sake.  Are roses meant to be out in freezing temperatures?  My husband keeps wanting to prune them, as you prune them ‘in July’, but they are covered with glorious flowers.

And below – these are not my pansies, but a small section of the flowers that my youngest has at her school.  Our school has flowers, trees to climb, rocks to build with and lots of flowers.  The kids have chalk to draw all over the bitumen.  How lucky we are.  School was not like that in my day.

Photo 5-7-18, 12 47 08 pm

Photo 5-7-18, 12 47 16 pm

Photo 5-7-18, 12 47 21 pm

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. How unusual that you have blooming roses in the middle of winter with such low temperatures. Here in the US it's summer and my roses don't look half as good as yours.
    Joan in GA

    1. They don't look good today - he got to them with the snips! Darn husbands!

  2. Yes we had very warm weather for a few days but way down tonight ......
    Beautiful roses lucky you........

    1. Thankyou! He's snipped them all to smithereens today so they don't look pretty anymore!

  3. Your roses are stunning. We are in the worst of our summer currently. 110-115 degrees most days. I would welcome 100 at this point. Haha. Enjoy. mary

    1. We had that while you had your snow storms - hottest days I can remember. How funny it is that we all live on the same planet with such different weather!