Sunday, 1 July 2018

A Grampians Road Trip–Wildflowers

Part of my tidying up of little jobs is sorting through the many draft posts I have made here.  There is simply no excuse for me not to post more often, given all the drafts I have in my draft folder. 

A year (!!) ago we went on school holidays to the Grampians, a very pretty part of Australia that we loved.  We took a million photos, and I collected a few of the wildflower ones just for here.  Then it languished in the draft folder. 

So Here It Is! 



I don’t know enough about Australian flora and fauna (shame on me) to tell you which ones are natives or not.  I suspect these ones are native, they struck me as a type of orchid.


Daisies.  I suspect daisies are everywhere on the planet.  Almost a weed.


Pretty yellow ones that I don’t know the name of.

Photo 3-10-17, 7 27 05 pm

Well, I would be shot if I didn’t recognise that this is a native Waratah.  I have never seen a real one of these.  This one was in a potplant.


Great fields of wattle.  So pretty and everywhere.  Wattles are definitely a native.


More daisies.  Purple ones now.


This was lovely.  Teeny tiny flowers but so lovely.


Wattle wattle wattle.  That’s an iconic view, isn’t it?  Couldja get more ‘straya? 

Talk to you soon!