Sunday, 8 July 2018

Holly–some show and tell

I’m having a sort out here at home, both mentally and physically.  Part of the mental thing is to sort through all my finished projects and documenting them properly.  While doing that, I found this little minx that I neglected to share with you.

Photo 25-6-18, 2 30 09 pm

Photo 25-6-18, 2 30 16 pmPhoto 25-6-18, 2 30 25 pmPhoto 25-6-18, 2 30 28 pm

It’s been an age since I made a doll, I didn’t even know if I had any doll stuffing anymore (I did).

I enjoyed her, but I am reminded while I stopped making dolls.  They were such a faddy thing, I think.  And what to do with them when the fad’s over?

Hope you’ve had a great weekend.  I’m trying to avoid social media, I’m thinking of those little boys in the cave and just want to find out when they are out safe and sound.  How is it I can be so worried about children I’ve never met?

Talk to you soon!

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