Monday, 9 July 2018

A new quilt (as if I needed another)

I had an all day sewing day a few weeks ago and I didn’t have anything to do.  I mean I had LOADS to do but I am undisciplined and so I began a new thing.

Technically it’s not like I used more fabric – this stuff had been cut into 2” strips and it was easy to make the units.

It’s Bonnie Hunter’s Carolina Chain.  Only one problem, I don’t like it.  Not one bit!

Photo 27-6-18, 1 23 58 pm

I mean, I like the original quilt, of course I do otherwise I wouldn’t have started it.  But my version is blehhhh.

I’m hopeful that it’s blehhhh because I’ve yet to add the bright stuff, that is at the bottom of the box.  I’ve cut a whole quilt in advance which is a bit of a worry if I need to add some zing to it.  Didn’t think of that till this quilt eventuated.

The one below is clearly in need of attention.

Photo 27-6-18, 1 42 18 pm

Photo 27-6-18, 1 42 22 pm

As is this one.  Must have got too tired.

Photo 27-6-18, 1 58 44 pm

It’s blehhh, isn’t it?  I think my neutrals are too neutral.  I did have a plan to make it a murky quilt but it’s way past that I think.

I’m hopefully sewing tomorrow, so maybe I’ll be able to add some brights to it and that might perk it up a bit.  We shall wait and see.

Have a lovely day!


  1. The same thing happened to me. I made a few Carolina Chain blocks and didn't like them. They ended up in the orphan block box. Bonnie's got a great eye for color. Me - not so much!

    1. Yes, and I suspect she has a much more substantial stash of scrap fabric. I seem to have long lengths that I'm hesitant to cut up, goodness knows why. i'll plod along and see where it goes. thanks for commenting!

  2. where you have them together It is pretty so maybe it just work as a whole

    1. Hi Barbara, thankyou for your comment! I do hope they'll work in the long run, I'm crossing my fingers!

  3. If you get the whole thing together, and still think it's kind of "blah", try using it as a background for some appliqué. I did that with a "turning 20" that I didn't really like when it was done. Added 3 BIG flowers, on the twin-size top, which turned it into a fun quilt.