Wednesday 19 October 2016


So…I finished stitching my sunbonnets!  It’s been a long time coming, but they are all done now!


I need to trim the alternate blocks, I found that each of them was just a little off. 


But I’ve trimmed all my sunbonnets back to size now, so all I need is a little time to stitch them together.



This took me such a long time to prep.  The stitching didn’t take that long and I think it’s done okay.  I’m still very much a beginner with needle applique but I did really enjoy it.  I think since I began I’ve learned a few shortcut tricks in my preparation (floriani and a gluestick springs to mind!) so hopefully the next time I do a quilt like this it won’t take quite so long.

All I need to do now is stitch the blocks into rows and the rows into a quilt and then another UFO is off the list.  BAM!  Hitting all my goals today. 

(apart from all the housework and garden weeding but that doesn’t count as a goal, does it?)

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