Sunday 2 October 2016


Since I learned the lovely new way to applique using Floriani, I decided I would finish my Sunbonnets.  I’ve made all the corner blocks, now I just have to finish the little girls.
Lo and behold, after I decided I would use my new method to fold them under before stitching, I’ve already done it the old fashioned way.

For some reason unbeknown to me, once I’d basted them all, I stuck them back in the cupboard.  That’s me all over.  Do the hard work, then when it gets to the easier work, put it away for a while.

But they are out now and I’m motoring along with them.  I’m sure they’ll be done by the end of October at the latest.  And that will be one more quilt UFO crossed off my list!


  1. Those little stripy dresses are just Sooo cute!! Love that to pieces. Looking forward to seeing how you finish them off.

  2. Que trabajos mas guapos. Very nice.
    Un besin. A Kis

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